You can use artificial intelligence responsibly to streamline your teaching workload. We'll show you how!

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👉 Are you worried about the ethics of generative AI?

👉 Have you tried GPT, but felt like you had to rework the output so much you might as well have written from scratch?

👉 Feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities and spending more time training the chatbot than actually getting results?

You're not alone--that's how LOTS of educators are feeling.

If you don’t know how to use AI well, it can actually take more time than writing something yourself.

But what if you could shorten that steep learning curve, and make AI your personal teaching assistant right away?

That's how 40 Hour AI works: 

We use a "just in time," not "just in case" learning model. 

You don't need to know EVERYTHING that's possible with AI up front. (Who has time for that?) 

You just need the MOST impactful ways to streamline your teaching workload now, and a way to quickly get answers when you need help with a task.

✅ Watch the on-demand trainings that show you only what you NEED to know to trim hours off your workweek. The foundational videos have no fluff or filler, and will help you quickly learn the basics of AI, an overview of the free AI tools available to teachers, and the ethical considerations.

Learn to incorporate AI into your existing work habits so it's your go-to tool instead of an afterthought (without having to completely change systems that already work well for you).

✅ Anytime you feel stuck on how to complete a teaching task with AI, watch the corresponding 5 minute training video in the membership library and you'll know exactly which AI tool to use and how to get the results you want. Our downloadable prompt resources will help you phrase your request for great AI output on rubrics, SMART goals, lesson plan ideas, text differentiation, and more.

Discover new AI tools and uses that have been vetted by knowledgable educators so you don’t have to spend hours on trial-and-errorYou won't have to look anywhere else to feel up-to-date: new video trainings are added on a monthly basis so you always have the most recent information. 

The end result? A more effective, efficient approach to lesson planning, differentiation, assessment, communication, and more.

How does 40 Hour AI work?

Each training in the membership library consists of short 5-minute video lessons so you can skip right to the information you need.

If you have no idea what you're doing with AI, this training will give you the big picture overview. We'll answer questions like:

  • What exactly IS generative artificial intelligence?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it safe?
  • What about the bigger implications for society and schools?
  • Why is this so important to understand?
  • Why should I use AI given the drawbacks and limitations?
  • How is it actually saving teachers time?
Once you understand the basics of AI, we'll explore the best AI tools that are available and useful for teachers, and help you select which one(s) you'd like to try out.

Every step of this process is covered in the screencast: you can play and pause the video as needed while it guides you to create your first free AI account.

In this training, we'll explore the potential pitfalls with AI and navigate the ethical issues, exploring questions such as:

  • What happens to the data that is put into AI?
  • What information is safe to put into AI and what isn't?
  • Is it safer to use AI programs that are designed for school use? Which ones? Why?
  • How do I make sure I'm not violating copyright, plagiarizing, or stealing intellectual property?

By the end of the training, you'll feel confident about your approach and have certainty that what you're doing is aligned with your school/district policies.

You've already created work habits that don't involve AI. Which ones should you leave alone, and which should you try using AI to streamline?

You'll learn how to determine which tasks you personally want to use AI for, and how to create habits with AI so that it's a go-to resource rather than an after thought.

This training will help you create daily habits in which AI serves as a personal teaching assistant that accelerates your work and allows you to focus more on your students.

This training is packed full of options for you to explore. You'll get the best teacher-tested tips for simplifying differentiation, lesson planning, assessment, communication, mundane tasks, and more. Detailed examples of what you can choose to explore are listed further down this page.


Get advice and share resources in our private discussion community within the membership site.


Check out quarterly live trainings that provide an overview of changes in the AI landscape and the latest in how educators are using AI. (Live events will be recorded and archived in the membership site.)

Get the all-access pass

You can binge watch whenever it's convenient, and pop in throughout the school year as you need more support or ideas. The membership kicks off July 1st, or join now to get started early.

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What we're NOT going to do in the 40 Hour AI membership

❌ Use AI for altering videos or image

❌ Violate students' privacy or input sensitive student data

❌ Remove your originality and human touch

❌ Replace your expertise as an education professional

❌ Force you to buy the Pro version of AI tools 

Here's what you CAN learn to do through the 40 Hour AI membership


  • Level any text instantly
  • Make any article or set of instructions accessible for below-grade level readers
  • Create scaffolding and vocabulary lists
  • Accomodate English-language learners, students with special needs, and neurodivergent learners


  • Create routines in which AI proofreads your communication before you send it
  • Generate group updates and class newsletters
  • Reword emails to parents so they sound more professional
  • Send reminders to your students


  • Streamline unit planning and curriculum mapping
  • Create formal lesson plans in the 5 E's and other standard formats
  • Design stations, jigsaw activities, STEM projects, PBL,
  • Generate slideshows, activities, quizzes, DOK questions, and tests
  • Create word problems that use your students' names and interests
  • Make word searches, puzzles, escape rooms, study guides, vocabulary lists, and flashcards
  • Turn lessons into games like Jeopardy, bingo, 4 corners, Battleship
  • Make concept maps and anchor charts


  • Give students more detailed and helpful feedback on their work more quickly
  • Generate IEP goals and SMART goals for you to personalize
  • Create rubrics
  • Generate exemplars
  • Curate a report card comment bank customized for your teaching context
  • Generate discussion or review questions for any quiz, article, or video
  • Create quizzes that can be automatically scored


  • Alphabetize or re-order lists
  • Translate into other languages
  • Proofread and correct typos/grammar
  • Transcribe your videos/lectures
  • automate data entry
  • Check for plagiarism in student work


  • Curate lists of famous quotes, fun facts, weird facts, and silly sayings for your students
  • Make any lesson into a song with lyrics that use your curriculum objectives
  • Rewrite your class rules in the style of a celebrity your students love

Each AI task is explained through a short screencast video that you can watch when you need it. Skip anything you're not interested in.

Remember: we're learning AI just in time, not just in case! Each training is available whenever YOU are ready.

I’m Angela Watson, and I founded the original 40 Hour Teacher Workweek program in 2015. 

My courses have now helped over 60,000 teachers find more effective, efficient, and enjoyable ways to approach their work…and in recent years, we’ve begun training instructional coaches and administrators, too!

As a National Board Certified Teacher with a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, over a decade of classroom teaching experience, and nearly two decades as an instructional coach…I know educational best practices.

I’ve been supporting teachers through my books, podcast, courses, articles, PD, and other resources for over 20 years (since founding my website,, in 2003.)

I’m proud to be a long-trusted source for teaching advice, and a knowledgable guide through the rapidly-changing world of artificial intelligence.

Over the next few years, AI will transform every aspect of the way schools operate, and it’s imperative for educators to get out ahead of the trends. ensure the changes are what’s best for teachers and kids.

We don’t need tech CEOs making decisions about AI in education: we need informed classroom teachers (who understand pedagogy and their students) to be the leaders of change.

If you want to have a voice in how AI is used in your school, feel informed about new developments, and use AI in ways that make your teaching more effective and efficient, 40 Hour AI can help.


You’ll be in good company--lots of educators are just getting started!

Foundational trainings are available to watch on-demand as soon as you join. These will give you the basics and background you need to be ready for the monthly trainings.

We cover everything you need to know (and nothing more!)

Learn how to create an Open AI account and login, get an overview of various AI tools and functionality, explore the ethics of usage, and more.

This program is designed for you!

Skip or skim the foundational materials, and jump right into the monthly trainings, which assume some familiarity with the basics of AI.

All training videos are on-demand, so you can watch (and re-watch) whenever you'd like.

Optional 30 minute live trainings will be offered throughout the year, in which you'll learn new strategies and have a change to ask questions and get assistance with tasks related to your specific teaching context.

A recording of every live training will be archived in the membership library so you can watch or re-watch on demand anytime it’s convenient. A PDF version of the key points from the training will be included if you’d rather skim over the ideas instead of watching a video. You can also use the PDF as a note-taking guide for the training.

The on-demand training videos are designed to feel exactly like I'm sitting next to you and showing you exactly what to do!

Also, live interactive virtual trainings will be offered several times a year, so you can ask questions and have time to experiment while I'm online with you to help troubleshoot.

You can also participate in our learning community within the membership site to ask other teachers for advice and get support for your specific teaching context.

And finally, small group virtual coaching sessions will be offered periodically as an optional add-on for those who want to have more individualized support.

The constant changes and new developments in AI require us to be constantly updating the videos, along with adding new trainings on a monthly basis. So, I'm offering it as a membership library (collection of video resources) rather than as a standard 40 Hour course.

You can renew for a discounted price if you'd like to continue your membership beyond the first year. We'll reach out to you a month before your membership ends and let you know about the special coupon code available for current members.
If you choose not to renew, you'll no longer have access to the membership library.

We'll notify you when your 90 days is almost up (membership begins the day you join.) You can cancel with the click of a button, continue at the same quarterly price, or upgrade to the yearly pass.

Yes, group discounts are available for 7+ teachers. Email us to learn more.

Yes, anyone who has previously taken a 40 Hour course (Full Year, Fast Track, IC, Leadership) will be able to purchase 40 Hour AI with a special coupon code that will be emailed in June.

Get the all-access pass

You can binge watch whenever it's convenient, and pop in throughout the school year as you need more support or ideas. The membership kicks off July 1st, or join now to get started early.

12 month access pass


365 days of access, starting when you sign up

3 month access pass


Cancel or renew when the quarter is up