You can use artificial intelligence responsibly to streamline your teaching workload. We'll show you how!

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The 2024-2025 school year cohort kicks off this July!

Want to learn the fastest ways to save time as a teacher using AI?

Are you worried about the ethics of using AI as a teacher?

Have you tried GPT, but felt like you had to rework the output so much you might as well have written from scratch?

Feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities and spending more time training the chatbot than actually getting results?

You're not alone--that's how LOTS of educators are feeling.

If you don’t know how to use AI well, it can actually take more time than writing something yourself.

But what if you could master AI in just one hour a month this school year?

That's how 40 Hour AI works:

Spend 30 minutes each month in a live online training learning best practices, and 30 minutes afterward experimenting, asking questions, and sharing ideas with other educators.

The end result? A more effective, efficient approach to lesson planning, differentiation, assessment, communication, and more.

   * Learn new AI tools that have been vetted by knowledgable educators so you don’t have to spend hours on trial-and-error

   * Work at a manageable pace so you don’t get overwhelmed (one focus area and training per month, with plenty of time to experiment)

   * Discover how to write GPT prompts that give you the exact results you want

    With training + experimentation in just one hour a month next school year, you can trim hours off your workweek AND still do a great job for kids.

    I’m Angela Watson, and I founded the original 40 Hour Teacher Workweek program in 2015. My courses have now helped over 60,000 teachers find more effective, efficient, and enjoyable ways to approach their work…and in recent years, we’ve begun training instructional coaches and administrators, too!

    As a National Board Certified Teacher with a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, over a decade of classroom teaching experience, and nearly two decades as an instructional coach…I know educational best practices.

    I’ve been supporting teachers through my books, podcast, courses, articles, PD, and other resources for over 20 years (since founding my website,, in 2003.)

    I’m proud to be a long-trusted source for teaching advice, and a knowledgable guide through the rapidly-changing world of artificial intelligence.

    Over the next few years, AI will transform every aspect of the way schools operate, and it’s imperative for educators to get out ahead of the trends. ensure the changes are what’s best for teachers and kids.

    We don’t need tech CEOs making decisions about AI in education: we need informed classroom teachers (who understand pedagogy and their students) to be the leaders of change.

    If you want to have a voice in how AI is used in your school, feel informed about new developments, and use AI in ways that make your teaching more effective and efficient, 40 Hour AI can help.


    You’ll be in good company--lots of educators are just getting started!

    Foundational trainings are available to watch on-demand as soon as you join. These will give you the basics and background you need to be ready for the monthly trainings.

    We cover everything you need to know (and nothing more!)

    Learn how to create an Open AI account and login, get an overview of various AI tools and functionality, explore the ethics of usage, and more.

    This program is designed for you!

    Skip or skim the foundational materials, and jump right into the monthly trainings, which assume some familiarity with the basics of AI.

    Each month from July 2024-June 2025, there will be a 30 minute live online training conducted by Angela on how to use AI to save time on that month’s focus topic.

    After the 30 minute training, you can log off, or stick around and try out the ideas right away! Angela will stay online for you to ask questions and get more assistance with tasks related to your specific teaching context.

    The date/time of the AI training will vary each month in order to accommodate different schedules, and will be announced several weeks in advance.

    A recording of every training will be archived in the membership site so you can watch or re-watch on demand anytime it’s convenient.

    A PDF version of the key points from the training will be included if you’d rather skim over the ideas instead of watching a video. You can also use the PDF as a note-taking guide for the training.

    Yes, anyone who has previously taken a 40 Hour course (Full Year, Fast Track, IC, Leadership) will be able to purchase 40 Hour AI at a reduced rate.

    More info is coming soon, and the course will be open to enrollment starting in June for the 2024-2025 school year. Enter your best email below to be notified when you can join!