Better than normal:

A free virtual live event for educators

with Angela Watson

This event was held on June 24th.

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Better than normal

It’s natural to hope for “getting back to normal” after so many constantly-shifting expectations.

But was “normal” really working for teachers or kids?

What would it mean to truly reimagine education–not just talk about it–and create a way of teaching and learning that is BETTER than normal?

Let’s counter the “lost year of learning” narrative and find a more strengths-based, empowering perspective on the challenges ahead.

In this 30 minute live event, you’ll learn how to focus on what’s most impactful with students and streamline the rest.

You’ll walk away with new clarity about priorities, which will give you confidence in your teaching practice and empower you to set boundaries for better work/life balance.

There’s no filler, fluff, or time-wasting in my presentation, and we’ll be diving deep into the topic right away, so be ready for a prompt start at 8 pm ET. 

You can show up early if you want to socialize beforehand (I’ll be there in the chat, too!) 

After the half hour presentation, I’ll share a bit about the 40 Hour program for those who are interested, and then take questions, so if you choose to stay for that portion, we’ll be wrapping up around 8:45 pm.

There’s something for EVERY K-12 teacher here–don’t miss out!

Who's Angela?

Angela Watson is National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years of classroom experience. She’s worked as an instructional coach based in Brooklyn, New York, since 2009.

Angela has maintained The Cornerstone For Teacher website and blog since 2003, and has published five books for teachers. Angela is also the creator of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club, an online professional development program that has supported 42,000 teachers with productivity.

Her free podcast (Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers)
provides motivation and encouragement to educators worldwide on a weekly basis.

Angela Watson

Founder of The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

Here's what teachers are saying

“Angela, your webinars are FANTASTIC–there’s no fluff and no wasted time. I love how you get straight to the good info right away. I took notes furiously the whole time you were talking! Thank you for making these free!”

–Jenaia, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Oakland, CA

“Your trainings always teach me something new, but also things that I thought I understood already but realize I’m not really following through with. Sometimes I just need the practical steps to take or some sort of system because it’s hard to figure out the missing pieces on my own. Thanks for making it so much easier for me to take the first steps and finally get serious about managing my time and priorities.”

–Diane, 3rd Grade Teacher, Belevue, WA

“I love your positive, encouraging tone. I could listen to you talk all day! There’s something about the way you teach that is just very reassuring and motivating. I always leave your webinars feeling like YES, I can totally do this.”

-Caroline, Special Education Teacher, Dallas, TX

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