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Just the MOST impactful strategies for streamlining and simplifying your workload as a K-12 teacher

Clear, Actionable Steps

You’ll get 6 weeks of classroom-tested productivity ideas in both PDF and audio podcast form. We’ll go step-by-step through each focus area. Choose just 1 idea each week, & watch as small changes add up to big results!

Positive, Supportive Community

You can finally stop reinventing the wheel! The club’s coaches + thousands of other teachers will share ideas, answer your questions, and provide encouragement and accountability. You’ll never have to do this alone!

Printables & Templates

More than $100 worth of forms and teacher resources are included. Some are club-exclusive; others are curated from the best of the digital marketplace so you don’t have to spend time + money searching them out.

Free Bonus Materials

2 video trainings and The Big 5 Tips for Teacher Productivity are available as soon as you join. Many members say these resources were the key to better work/life balance.

PD Certificate

Use our professional development log to track your learning if you’d like. After the 6 week course is over, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. You can receive credit for up to 20 continuing education units (CEUs.)

Ongoing Support Indefinitely

You’ll keep your access to the membership site AND the Facebook community when the course is over at no charge! Revisit the resources and get support even as a club graduate, so you can maintain your new habits permanently.

Reduce your workload in just 6 weeks

40 Hour Fast Track is a condensed version of our Full Year program. It's designed to focus on just the key principles you need to trim hours off your workweek mid-school year. 

Use proven step-by-step systems to make small changes each week

The course is released in 6 easy steps, allowing you to stay focused on one step of streamlining each week. Skim over the PDF (or listen to the audio version instead) and choose ideas that are relevant for your teaching context.

Too busy one week? Don’t worry, you can pick back up again anytime, even after the 6 week program is over.

Week 1

Create a Sustainable Work Schedule

Choose a target number of hours to work and allocate those hours in a way that works for YOU.

Week 2

Reduce and Prioritize Tasks

Experiment with personalizing a system for list-making so that your priorities get accomplished each week.

Week 3

Get Papers, Digital Files, and Lesson Materials Organized

Discover easy systems that help you stay organized all year and reduce clutter.

Week 4

Set Up Intuitive Systems for a Self-Running Classroom

Learn how to tweak your existing procedures to give kids more ownership, and make daily routines efficient and effective.

Week 5

Simplify Your Lesson Planning Process

Stop spending hours reinventing the wheel: you’ll learn practical ways to create meaningful, creative lessons more quickly.

Week 6

Streamline Grading and Assessment

Discover more productivity strategies that save you time, reduce grading, and provide better insight about student learning.

Yes! Forever. Really.

Pay once. Learn forever.

You never lose access to the resources you paid for. And because the club is focused on YOUR mindset and habits (not your grade level or subject area), you can keep applying the strategies throughout your career, no matter what or where you might teach later on.

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Get results or your money back.

The 40 Hour Fast Track program will help you feel less overwhelmed and more organized right away, AND you’ll begin trimming 3, 5, or even 10+ hours off your workweek as soon as you join. If not, send us an email within 21 days of purchase, and we'll refund your entire payment.

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Join over 32,000 teachers who have used these strategies

40 Hour Fast Track is the new 6 week condensed version of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. The club has over 500 reviews from teachers like you. Here are some of their stories:

Jake Miller

Jake refocused on best teaching practices that were affirmed & gained more family time.


Andrea got organized & created efficient systems so she could finally work ahead.a


Johnathan saw kids take more ownership as he gained time for hobbies & wellness.

Lizzy Neiger

Lizzy gained 10 hours a week & feels like a better teacher, wife, and mom because she’s less stressed.


T. got the support she needed to let go of perfectionism & overwhelm at her own pace.


Teachers from across the United States (and beyond!) are sharing their stories about the club's strategies on social media.

Still not sure if 40 Hour Fast Track is right for you?

Here are the 4 most common questions teachers ask us when deciding whether to join the club:

Nope. 40 is the number of contractual hours many educators are required to work. The number 40 is designed to take you aback and get you thinking:

Wait, 40? How could that be possible when teaching consumes every waking minute of my time?

The goal of the club is to help you find a more sustainable way to do this teaching thing well & make a big impact for kids.

We conquer overwhelm right away so that you’ll have the energy and mental bandwidth to follow through on systems to get organized, streamline routines, give kids ownership of the classroom, and be truly intentional about how you use your instructional, contractual, and personal time.

THAT’S the real benefit of the club, and it’s the process which makes it possible to work fewer hours.

More time for gardening or painting?
That’s the real question!

You WILL get results.

I'm Angela, and I founded the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club back in 2015.

I've spent 11 years as a classroom teacher and 11 more as an instructional coach and educational consultant. I designed this program based on what worked for me as a teacher, and spent years refining the strategies based on what I've observed through supporting club members.

Together, we are proving that you CAN be a great teacher without sacrificing everything for the job. There IS a more sustainable approach to this work, so you can keep doing what you love, without burning out.

When you join the 40 Hour Fast Track program this January, I personally guarantee that you will feel less overwhelmed and more organized, AND you’ll begin trimming 3, 5, or even 10+ hours off your workweek right away.

If not, send us an email within 21 days of joining, and we will refund your entire payment. You have nothing to lose.

Angela Watson

Founder of The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek


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