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There is a more sustainable way to teach.

The average teacher is contracted to work around 40 hours a week. Our systems help you maximize those hours, so you're not working endlessly on nights and weekends.

Join 52,000+ educators who have used our programs to keep doing the job they love without burning out.

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Early bird pricing for the 2024-2025 school year cohort will open in June!

Have sample materials send to your inbox now and get a special early invite.

    Does this sound familiar?

    "I love teaching, but it consumes every spare minute of my time."

    "It feels like I'm always working, yet I've never done enough."

    "I'm exhausted and worried about the workload next school year."

    "Something has to change."

    You are not alone.

    The teaching workload seems to be increasing every year, but you DON'T have to figure out ways to navigate it all on your own. 40 Hour is designed to help you find ways to take control of your time AND do a great job for kids.

    We provide everything you need to streamline and simplify your workload as a K-12 teacher

    Clear, Actionable Steps

    You’ll get 12 months of classroom-tested productivity ideas in both PDF and audio form so you can read or listen. We’ll go step-by-step through each focus area. Choose just a few ideas each month, & watch as small changes add up to big results!

    Positive, Supportive Community

    You can finally stop reinventing the wheel! The club’s coaches + thousands of other teachers will share ideas, answer your questions, and provide encouragement and accountability. You’ll never have to do this alone!

    Printables & Templates

    More than $350 worth of forms and teacher resources are included. Some are club-exclusive; others are curated from the best of the digital marketplace so you don’t have to spend time + money searching them out.

    Free Bonus Materials

    6 additional resources are available as soon as you join. Many members say these resources were the key to better work/life balance.

    PD Certificate

    Use our PD log to track your learning if you’d like. After the yearlong program is over, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. You can receive credit for up to 104 professional development hours. Graduate-level semester credit is also available.

    Ongoing Support Indefinitely

    You’ll keep your access to the membership site AND the Facebook community/message boards when the course is over at no charge! Revisit the resources and get support even as a club graduate, so you can maintain your new habits permanently.

    Work through the resources each month whenever it's convenient

    There's no deadline and no assignments to submit unless your district requires it. Just follow these 3 simple steps to get results:

    Each month, login to the site and find new resources organized into Core Concepts and 3 optional extensions

    Skim over the Core Concepts PDF (or listen to the audio) to learn a variety of strategies, habits, and mindset shifts

    Choose a few ideas to experiment with, using the optional extensions anytime you want to go deeper

    Use only what's most relevant for YOU

    The average teacher joining the program works 62 hours per week. In our survey 6 weeks after joining, the average teacher reports a typical workweek of 51 hours.

    That's a savings of 11 hours weekly and over 500 hours per school year!

    What could YOU do with an extra


    hours per week?

    Read the Reviews

    Get ongoing support throughout each season of the school year

    You don't need to change everything at once. We'll tackle one aspect of your work each month, so you have plenty of time to experiment and bounce ideas off your cohort members.

    Core ConceptDesign a school/home space that facilitates productivity
    Extension 1Plan procedures for a smooth first week
    Extension 2Automate and delegate tasks through classroom jobs
    Extension 3Organize a stress-free parent orientation (Open House)
    Core ConceptEstablish productive daily routines for you and your students
    Extension 1Designate an easily-accessible spot for every paper in your classroom
    Extension 2Create a sustainable work schedule for back-to-school and beyond
    Extension 3Build a healthy class culture focused on productivity and wellbeing
    Core ConceptStreamline communication with admin, colleagues, and families
    Extension 1Track, document, and communicate about behavior and intervention
    Extension 2Redesign parent conferences to be more efficient and effective
    Extension 3Establish boundaries and set realistic expectations with families
    Core ConceptSimplify your planning to create better lessons more quickly
    Extension 1Plan holistically in advance to feel more prepared each day
    Extension 2Co-plan and leverage the experience of other teachers
    Extension 3Reduce planning for differentiation with replicable routines
    Core ConceptStreamline grading and make assessment more meaningful
    Extension 1Reduce the time it takes to score student work
    Extension 2Assess student writing more efficiently and effectively
    Extension 3Find creative ways to informally assess and monitor student progress
    Core ConceptStrengthen student work habits and differentiate for individual work paces
    Extension 1Empower students to take charge of re-takes, late work, and missing work
    Extension 2Simplify homework systems to protect your time, class time, and kids’ time
    Extension 3Increase homework completion with meaningful assignments and incentives
    Core ConceptRevisit expectations and reboot routines for kids’ changing needs
    Extension 1Strengthen rapport and relationships even when you’re busy
    Extension 2Problem solve through class meetings and restorative circles
    Extension 3Make test prep more meaningful, and testing less stressful
    Core ConceptMaximize instructional time and reduce time-wasters
    Extension 1Speed up transitions and refocus students more quickly
    Extension 2Systematize collaborative learning and group work
    Extension 3Simplify centers and stations for student-directed learning
    Core ConceptRefine your work habits to protect your time off
    Extension 1Give yourself permission to relax and turn off your mind at night
    Extension 2Align your life with priorities and long-term goals
    Extension 3Uncover more time by eliminating, automating, and delegating
    Core ConceptDevelop new approaches to solve your biggest tech issues
    Extension 1Overcome digital clutter and create efficient email habits
    Extension 2Simplify your search for the best tech tools and apps
    Extension 3Cultivate a collection of go-to sites & apps for student skill practice
    Core ConceptFinish on a high note with a stress-free classroom closeout
    Extension 1Create an effective system for packing up and moving classrooms
    Extension 2Overcome procrastination when you’re overwhelmed with tasks
    Extension 3Contemplate and prepare for the job you want in the fall
    Core ConceptPlan for summer priorities to maximize your break
    Extension 1Implement “The Big Five” tips for productivity at home
    Extension 2Develop home habits and organization systems that simplify your life
    Extension 3Track your time and energy to rejuvenate for fall
    No ongoing fees!

    Pay once. Access forever.

    You never lose access to the resources you paid for. And because 40 Hour is focused on YOUR mindset and habits (not your grade level or subject area), you can keep applying the strategies throughout your career, no matter what or where you might teach later on.

    The 2024-2025 school year's cohort will open in June. Want to see sample materials? 

    Get results or your money back.

    I'm confident that you will feel more prepared for back-to-school and less stressed as soon as you begin using the resources this summer. If the program isn't a good fit for any reason, send me an email by Sept. 15th, and I’ll refund your entire payment.

    Join over 58,000 teachers who have used these strategies

    The club was established in 2015, and now has over 700 five star reviews from teachers like you. Here are some of their stories:

    Jake Miller

    Jake refocused on best teaching practices that were affirmed & gained more family time.


    Andrea got organized & created efficient systems so she could finally work ahead.


    Johnathan saw kids take more ownership as he gained time for hobbies & wellness.


    Lizzy gained 10 hours a week & feels like a better teacher, wife, and mom because she’s less stressed.


    Tee got the support she needed to let go of perfectionism & overwhelm at her own pace.


    Teachers from across the nation are sharing their experiences. See before/after pics, classroom tours, and more member stories here.

    You WILL get results. Promise.

    I'm Angela, and I founded the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek back in 2015.

    I've spent 11 years as a classroom teacher and over a decade as an instructional coach and educational consultant. I designed this program based on what worked for me as a teacher, and spent years refining the strategies based on what I've observed through supporting club members.

    Together, we are proving that you can be a great teacher without sacrificing everything else for the job. There IS a more sustainable approach to this work, so you can keep doing what you love, without burning out.

    When you join the 40 Hour program this summer, I personally guarantee that you will feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and more prepared and organized. And, you’ll begin setting up systems that enable you trim 10+ hours off your workweek.

    If not, send us an email by Sept 15th, and we'll refund your entire payment, so you have nothing to lose.

    Angela Watson

    Founder of The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

    Still not sure if 40 Hour Full Year is right for you?

    Here are the some of the most common questions teachers ask us when deciding whether to join:

    Over 52,000 K-12 teachers have successfully used these materials to help them conquer overwhelm and reduce their work hours.

    Only 2.5% of teachers who join later request a refund.

    That’s because the club is about your mindset and your habits, not what or where you teach. You can take what you learn through the club and apply it in ANY job for as many years as you’re in the classroom.

    Check out the Members' Stories page to see before/after pictures, classroom tours, video testimonials, and more from members from a wide variety of teaching contexts.

    The best way to find out if the club will work for YOU, though, is to jump in with both feet and give it a shot. Immerse yourself in the community and try out some of the strategies.

    Join us and check out the resources. You’ll be able to tell right away if Full Year is a good fit. If it’s not, there’s nothing to lose. Send me an email by Sept. 15th and I’ll refund your entire payment.

    Nope. 40 is the number of contractual hours many educators are required to work.

    Our systems help you maximize those hours, so you're not working endlessly on nights and weekends.

    We conquer overwhelm right away so that you’ll have the energy and mental bandwidth to follow through on systems to get organized, streamline routines, give kids ownership of the classroom, and be truly intentional about how you use your instructional, contractual, and personal time.

    THAT’S the real benefit of the club, and it’s the process which makes it possible to work fewer hours.

    Each month, we'll give you a plan for simplifying ONE aspect of your teaching, plus 3 optional extensions.

    You can use as many or as few strategies as you’d like—just a few small tweaks to your mindset and daily routines in that one area will start moving the needle, so you’ll feel relief from overwhelm immediately.

    Jump in and out of the resources whenever it’s convenient for you. Some teachers read over them with a cup of coffee on Saturday mornings, others listen to the audio version during their Monday morning commutes.

    There’s no pressure to “do it all.” Use only the ideas and printables that seem most relevant to your teaching context.

    You can always come back to anything you skipped later, as you’ll keep your access to all these materials for the rest of your teaching career (at no extra cost!)

    Our Full Year program always begins in July, so we can offer you ongoing support throughout the entire school year, from start to finish.

    The next start date will be July 2024. Early bird enrollment begins June 15th.

    You can now get graduate-level credits toward your masters degree for completing any of our 40 Hour programs!

    Learn more about our NEW partnership with the University of the Pacific–Benerd College.

    Hannah used our program to meet her professional development goals, as determined with her administration team:

    Though we don't have accreditation through any state departments of education, many of members have been able to use the editable professional learning log provided and the PD certificate we provide.

    You may be able to use 40 Hour as support in meeting your personal PD goals, and we'll help you provide documentation for your principal to show that you have made progress toward those goals.

    We've chosen not to incorporate generative AI strategies into the Full Year program except as bonus tips, because not everyone wants to use AI or is permitted by their district.

    However, anyone joining the 2024-2025 cohort of the Full Year program will get a year of access to the 40 Hour AI membership as a free bonus.

    This way, any Full Year members who do want to use AI to streamline their workload will have access to the complete collection of trainings which will be updated throughout the year, so you're always current.

    More time for gardening or painting?
    That’s the real question!

    Don't settle for survival mode.

    We'll give you the practical support needed to create a SUSTAINABLE and MANAGEABLE approach to your work.

    Get a sneak peak into the membership site + free resources to see if the program is a good fit.