Multiply your results and keep streamlining with the 40 Hour Graduate Program

You'll get updated club materials for life + a cohesive plan for working back through the materials a second (third, or even fourth) time.

What happens once my year in the club is up?

Each cohort begins in July and lasts 12 months. This summer, you’ll have received all the club content and are then considered a CLUB GRADUATE.

Here’s what happens next for you:

* You will never be charged again--payments are NOT recurring.

* You will no longer receive weekly emails or any additional club content.

* You will keep your access to the membership site indefinitely. You can go back to reference any materials at any time there, so there’s no need to download everything now.

* You will keep your access to the club’s Facebook group indefinitely and can continue using it as a resource to support you in productivity

* A professional development certificate becomes available under your last week’s course materials in the membership site. We will verify up through 104 hours of PD credit (averaging 2 hours per week for the past 52 weeks.)

* You have the option to join a special graduates-only program. Read on to learn more!

The graduate program is designed to help if you …

Love getting the new resources and wish the yearlong program wasn't over

Know that you skipped a lot of materials and need a manageable system for re-visiting them so you can take your results to the next level

Need support with remote learning and other challenges this school year and don’t want to miss out on the latest updates 

Want to continue streamlining and finding innovative ways to work more efficiently so you can save even more time

We'll never change or remove your original cohort's resources so they're always there for your reference. 

The Grad Program is updated monthly to reflect the latest version of the 40 Hour materials. You'll get all the updates for the life of the club!

Here’s how it works...

1. Bi-weekly emails for encouragement and accountability

You’ll get an email at the start of each month letting you know a PDF is waiting for you in the membership library under your Graduate Cohort materials. Another email is sent mid-month to help you reinforce your habits and stay motivated.

2. Quarterly virtual reunions to connect with other grads

Angela Watson will host the reunions via YouTube Live, which allows you to chat with other viewers in the comments. During the reunions, Angela will provide encouraging messages and tips that are pertinent to the time of year, answer your questions, and provide informal coaching. 

Always have the latest version of the materials!

3. New and updated versions of club printables, all accessible from ONE page in the membership site

The entire year’s worth of printables is available on a single page in the Graduates Cohort on the membership site. You’ll see notes next to each one whenever new versions have been added so you know to re-download them. When current club members get printables you didn’t receive during your year in the club, these will be added, too.

4. The latest audio available at the beginning of each month on ONE page

At the beginning of each month, all 4 sets of audio content is added to a single page. You can play the audio from there by streaming it online via the embedded audio player. If you prefer to listen offline, you’ll also be able to download all 4 episodes via the membership site or via the monthly PDF which includes audio links.

5. An outline of Key Strategies & Mindset Shifts for each month

Having the overarching principles for the month listed on a single page will help you stay focused on the big picture and remind you the strategies’ overall purpose.

6. A fun monthly Graduate Challenge designed to give you a “quick win”

The challenge is a simple way to step up your results with minimal effort. You can discuss your progress with the challenge in the comment section of the membership site.

7. A Goals Checklist for each month to help you create a plan for revisiting the club content

Each checklist includes 3-5 problems graduates likely face around the month’s topic, a list of corresponding club materials that address those problems, and suggested actionable steps. Just pick one goal to streamline the most time-consuming aspects of teaching for YOU.

8. Continued access to all the resources you had as a club member under one login, in one place

The graduate program is accessible from the dashboard of the membership library you already use: no need to remember another login and password. All your club materials will still be archived there, too, and you can still get support in the Facebook group at any time.

9. BONUS: Forever-access to the recordings of the 40 Hour Online Summit 

Watch this event (held July 10-11th, 2023) on-demand, whenever it's convenient for you! There are over 25 sessions from fellow classroom teachers and 40 Hour members sharing their BEST time-saving tips. Each session is short (just 20 minutes of less) and full of practical, actionable strategies for reducing your workload.

10. BONUS: Updated club materials for as long as the club is still active

Pay for the grad program once, and get updates for years to come! Our plan for 2022-2023 is to change over the pandemic-related "remote/hybrid bonuses" to "blended learning bonuses" which help you integrate technology during regular classroom instruction. We also plan to update several printables/ready-to-use classroom materials.

Pay once,

get updates for life!

Note: When purchasing, you will be required to login to the membership site. This verifies you are a member of a graduated cohort. If you have not yet joined the club, your purchase attempt will return error messages. Please email us if you need help.

One time payment



Use the dropdown menu to get started:

This program is for ANY graduated club member who wants to keep working smarter & increase productivity.

Yes, you receive the entire graduate program immediately upon joining. Updates will be released at the beginning of each month, and you'll get an email to tell you what's new.

No worries–you keep your access to the membership site and all the materials you’ve already paid for, AND you keep your access to the Facebook group.

The graduate program doesn’t replace any of that, and simply helps you create a manageable system for going back through the resources again and taking your productivity to the next level.

Yes! Everything is yours to keep and access at the membership site indefinitely.

Plus, we'll continue to update the graduate program with the latest club materials throughout future years (at no cost to you!) for as long as the club is still active.

Those will always be available to you in the membership site for your reference. They will not be changed in any way, as all the graduate program content is available as a different “course.”

We just did major updates for the July 2020 cohort which are reflected in the grad program. If you joined several years ago, you'll notice a new order of materials, new format, and new PDF design.

We'll continue to make more adaptations and add additional resources in future school years. As a member of the grad program, you will continue to get these updates (at no additional cost to you!) for as long as the club is still active.

You also get the recordings, note-taking guides, and transcripts for each 40 Hour Online Summit.

There is no option for re-enrolling in the program you have already graduated from. That’s because I won’t ask you to pay full price for another year’s club membership when you can get all the updated materials much cheaper through the graduate program.

If you truly want to go back through all the club materials week by week as if you were a current club member, you can easily do that with the graduate program.

Yes. The graduate program is designed to help you create a manageable system for taking your results to the next level. It will help you zero in on the club materials that will help solve YOUR biggest productivity problems.

You’ll find it much easier to go back to previous resources and skim through for important ideas. And, whenever new resources and ideas are added to the club, you’ll get the most recent version for years to come.

Yes! Our live event held July 10th-11th was free to attend live, and recordings are available for purchase. But, forever-access to the recordings are included at no additional cost for those in the Grad Program!

Once you're enrolled in the Grad Program, you'll see "Summit Recordings" listed as a separate "course" in the membership site, so you can watch the sessions anytime you'd like. Access to these recordings will be added automatically for all Grad Program members once the live event is over.

More time for gardening or painting?
That’s the real question!


Worried about maintaining good work habits with the challenges ahead?

The 40 Hour Graduate Program gives you a manageable structure and clear plan for figuring out how to streamline the areas that are most difficult for YOU. 

No matter what or where you teach in the future, the Grad Program will help you apply 40 Hour principles and maintain better work/life balance.