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NEW: 40 Hour AI membership

Learn how to use generative artificial intelligence responsibly to streamline your workload as an educator.

$89/year or $29/quarter

Kicks off each summer

Our original signature program for K-12 teachers, providing support each month throughout the 2024-2025 school year. Get a year of 40 Hour AI for FREE when you join this summer!

$159 early bird

Enroll anytime 📣

A condensed 6-week program for K-12 teachers, designed to get you out of survival mode and starting seeing quick results.


Enroll anytime 📣

A course to help administrators reduce unnecessary work and create more efficient, effective systems for all staff school-wide.


How can we do a great job for kids WITHOUT burning out?

We’ve all wondered about that at some point, and I bet these thoughts sound familiar, too:


I love my work, but it consumes every spare minute.

I work on school stuff constantly and yet I’m never done.

No matter how much I accomplish, I still feel like it’s not enough.

When I bring work home, I feel guilty for neglecting my family.

When I don’t bring work home, I feel like I’m neglecting my school family.

I want to be a great educator AND have time for other things that matter in my life.

That constant pressure to do more...

Here's what I do to help.

I’m Angela Watson. As a National Board Certified teacher and instructional coach, I’ve been sharing ideas online since 2003 through my website, TruthforTeachers.com. I’ve written 6 books, created countless printable resources, and even launched a top-rated weekly podcast called Truth for Teachers.

I love teaching teachers, and I wanted to help people who love teaching kids stay in the profession without hitting burnout.

So, I’ve dedicated the past 9 years to developing and refining the 40 Hour materials to create a proven system that has freed thousands of educators to be their best selves, both in and outside of the classroom.

Angela Watson

Founder of The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

What could you do with an extra


hours per week?

That’s 500 hours per year!

The average teacher joining our program works 62 hours per week. Upon completion, the average member works just 52 hours in a typical week.

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Join either program and keep your access to the materials forever. Payment plans, purchase orders, and DonorsChoose funding can also be used.

Begins each July

A comprehensive and in-depth program aimed to streamline every aspect of your work across an entire school year. Get a free year of 40 Hour AI when you join the Full Year program!

$159 early bird /

$175 full price

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Want to pay via school funds?

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A condensed 6-week program designed to get you out of survival mode and starting seeing quick results.


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Want to pay via school funds?

Find out which course is right for you

Each week for six weeks, Fast Track will help you get immediate relief from working too many hours and feeling drained all the time. It focuses on just the MOST impactful strategies from the Full Year program:

Week 1: Create a Sustainable Work Schedule
Week 2: Reduce and Prioritize Tasks
Week 3: Get Papers, Digital Files, and Lesson Materials Organized
Week 4: Set Up Systems for a Self-Running Classroom
Week 5: Simplify Your Lesson Planning Process
Week 6: Streamline Grading and Assessment

Fast Track does not include anything for back-to-school, end-of-year close out, or any other seasonal materials.

It also does not include resources for student engagement, tech tools, work/life balance, homework, parent communication, and several other topics you’ll find in Full Year.

Fast Track is perfect for teachers who:

  • Don’t want to be overwhelmed with a lot of material to sort through
  • Don’t want to commit to a year-long program
  • Need to get quick results in the middle of the school year
  • Want to learn the strategies in less time at a lower cost
  • Like to skip to the “best stuff” and prefer summaries to in-depth explorations

The new cohort starts soon!

The full year course is the original 40 Hour Teacher Workweek program that’s had proven results in over 28,000 schools. It’s perfect for those who:

  • Want resources to help streamline every aspect of their work
  • Like ongoing accountability and support for changing habits slowly over time
  • Prefer to work systematically, tackling one area each month before moving on to the next thing
  • Want an in-depth exploration of each topic with lots of ideas and printables provided
  • Want a complete, holistic, and comprehensive approach to productivity and work/life balance

Check out the yearlong blueprint to see what's covered.

You also get a full year's worth of access to the new 40 Hour AI membership when you join the Full Year program in summer 2024.

If you join Fast Track first and decide to upgrade, you'll be able to join the Full Year program in the summer at a steeply reduced rate.

Our recommendation is to pick the program that best fits your needs right now:

If you want a quick 6 week program to help you save time during the school year, join Fast Track.

If you want a program that starts in summer and walks you step by step through the entire school year, join Full Year.

No, you never lose access to the materials you paid for and can login to the member’s site at any time. If you would like the updated version of the materials, that’s available for purchase through the Graduate Program.

Yes! You can get graduate-level credits toward your masters degree for completing any of our 40 Hour programs.

Learn more about our NEW partnership with the University of the Pacific–Benerd College!

Though we don't have accreditation through any state departments of education, many of members have been able to use the editable professional learning log provided and the PD certificate we provide. For example, Hannah used our program to meet her professional development goals, as determined with her administration team:

You may be able to use 40 Hour as support in meeting your personal PD goals, and we'll help you provide documentation for your principal to show that you have made progress toward those goals.

Ready to take control of your time?

Get organized, streamline routines, and stay focused on what matters most by joining the 40 Hour program that's right for you.

A comprehensive and in-depth program for K-12 teachers aimed to streamline every aspect of your work across an entire school year.

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A course to help administrators eliminate unnecessary work and create more efficient, effective systems school-wide.

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A condensed 6-week program designed to get teachers out of survival mode and starting seeing quick results.

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Yearlong or quarterly membership to help you streamline your work with artificial intelligence. Get a year of AI membership for free with our Full Year program.

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